Connecting the world with fully immersive, barrier-breaking experiences in mixed reality.


Our goal is to connect the world. We make barriers between people disappear by creating a virtual space for sharing knowledge and ideas no matter the location. Whether it be constraints of language, time, or even space, Trebuchat shatters life's obstacles by creating an environment for accessible and streamlined collaboration, as well as the ability to communicate more effectively. We design fully immersive experiences that allow for the seamless sharing of ideas and language between its users in order to make life a little easier, and a little more fun.


Communication is key. The crux of Trebuchat is the exchange of information.

With our project management program, groups and businesses can easily share ideas and content with real time conferencing and tangible meeting assets in an immersive workspace no matter where they are in the world.

Our language learning program allows for fully immersive experiences in order to not only make learning a language fun, but also effective. Using varying psycholinguistic techniques, the program promotes higher recall over time.

user experience

We pride ourselves on making our experiences easy, fun, and effective to use. The most important element of xr design is the ability for user interface to interact seamlessly with human interactivity and needs. Our programs implement VR, AR, and even AI to provide users with the most effective tools for personal and business development across platforms.

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